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Our Platform

Our mission.

Sentinal exists to drive the discovery of novel oncology drug candidates with a high probability of clinical success by analysing cells in three dimensions with AI.

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Finding better drugs, faster.

Leveraging AI and 3D cell biology to unlock the next generation of oncological drugs.

AI-enabled drug efficacy prediction for oncology compounds

Our AI-powered models predict treatment success, identifies effective compounds from millions, understands mechanisms of action, and targets the patient segments that will benefit most.

AI-enabled predictive toxicology for oncology compounds

Our platform predicts the safety and toxicity profiles of oncology compounds in silico, identifies potential drug-drug interactions, and provides advanced 3D cell biology and morphology analysis.

3D biology and AI consulting and advisory services

Services offered to rapidly identify targets and mechanisms of action, utilisation of data science for insights and analytics related to 3D and AI biology, spatial studies for cell atlas development, and development AI and ML proof of concept projects.

Ahead of the curve.

Our strength lies in our unique approach, combining the power of AI with the depth of 3D cell biology to push the boundaries of oncological drug discovery.

High-throughput 3D phenotypic screening 

Live 3D cancer models are imaged pre- and post-therapeutic intervention in high throughput, providing resolution across biological scales to gain a mechanistic understanding of the drug.

3D cell shape analysis with deep learning

Our proprietary AI-based 3D computer vision model predicts tissue response, efficacy, and toxicity which rapidly narrows down drug candidates.

Integration with patient data to generate reliable predictions

With the integration of patient and multi-omic data, we are able to accurately predict the likelihood of success in clinical trials. Our model predicts both drug efficacy and toxicity.

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